Friday, October 1, 2010

Elementary Art Friday # 17 - Spooky haunted houses

It's October 1st & we are thinking about Halloween! Andin and I talked about what spooky things we could do for art today, and this was the result. (Along with several other ideas that just wouldn't be possible or would have been to messy....even for me.)

Here's what you need;

*White paper- on a easel if you have one!
*Markers- we used prismacolors...they are great to have
*Paint- we used tempura cakes
*Paint brushes
*A nice healthy portion of imagination.......

The process is a simple one this time. Let the children create their own spooky haunted house. I drew a line down the middle of our easel paper so they each had a side. We talked about some of the spooky things we might see there, what the windows might look like, & the doors. Then their imaginations just sort of ran wild!

First I let them paint the outline of the house & use a marker for the details......

Then using the tempura paints they mixed colors to create vortexes in the sky, chimneys spewing fire, purple tinged ghosts & ghouls, & staircases that lead to nowhere.

I really love the Jack-O-lanterns they drew....Andin's have these crooked smiles that just make me laugh.

When they are finished painting & drawing let the paint dry.

Then tape them on your door with some other spooky signs!


Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

What a fun activity! And a good idea! Good FHE idea too!

Cassi said...

Great art idea for Halloween! I'll be sharing this on The Crafty Crow soon :)

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