Friday, March 11, 2011

Elementary Art Friday #27- Four leaf clover wreaths

These St. Patricks day wreaths are perfect to hang on your front door or window! The four leaf clovers are easy to cut out & the gold glitter & sequins are very fun. I love St. Patricks day!!

Here's all you need.......

*2 paper plates with the middles cut out. (We were out of them so I just cut circles out of cardstock.)
* Green construction paper of different shades, or all the same.
* Glue (Mod Podge works fabulously.)
* Paintbrushes
*Glitter or glitter pens

And here's how you do it........

1. Start with the construction paper. We used 3 or 4 sheets. Fold it in half lengthwise, then into thirds, then unfold. Those lines are your guide to cut the little squares that will make the clovers.

2. Take one of the little squares & fold it in half once, then once again. With the folded corner down cut a heart shape without breaking the fold. (I realized after taking this photo that the order I put the papers in is all crazy...I don't know what I was thinking...but you get the idea!) Just continue to cut the clovers out as the kids glue them on, or if you want to be prepared make them ahead. Older kids can definitely cut their own with the right scissors!

3. Now glue the clovers on the wreath base! However the kids arrange them works, they always turn out cute.

4. Next I let them pick out all the gold & green sequins from our collection and glue them on their wreaths. Andin decided to go the rainbow route & use several colors. We also used our glitter pens as paint, by squirting some out & using a paint brush to apply it to the clovers. It looked extra Irish ;) Love it.

Now just let them dry & decide where you want to hang them!

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