Sunday, November 10, 2013

My amazing family.....


While my family was visiting a few months ago my mom wanted to do a family photo.  We all moaned and groaned about included.  But now that I just uploaded them and touched them up a bit, I am so very happy we did that.  (Especially since Mara was totally hilarious during this shoot.  We have many more to prove it!!)  I love this family of mine so much.  I love Erik and his funny humor and excitement because I kept running back and forth from my camera on the tripod before the timer went off!  I love Ashley and Mara....two peas in a pod.  They love each other so much.  I love my dad's tender smile, he's such a sweet sensitive man at times and I always get teary when I think about him.  I miss living so close to him and his funny humor.  I adore my sweet mother.  She is so sweet and loving to us all, she is such a wonderful example.  I love my Erin OJ Niblet & her constant support & our jokes.  I love Devin, the perfect match for me!  And our sweet kids with their favorite auntie Hailey who is such a fun friend to them.  I even love that little Lola.  And those two cuties in the front will always have my heart.  They are such great siblings to Mara, I've never seen them love like they do now with Mara!  How blessed I am to have all theses amazing people in my life.  Feeling very thankful for all of them and the relationships we have.  So lucky to be a daughter, sister, wife, & mother. 







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The Locklins said...

You have such a wonderful beautiful family. And that Mara, she is a crack up!

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