Monday, June 9, 2014

Cambria's Easter Egg Hunt Party........


We sure had a fun time celebrating this gorgeous girl's 8th birthday this year!  It felt like the party never stopped!  She was ecstatic to have her birthday be on Easter this year and so decided to have a Egg hunt theme for her party.  This is her second Easter themed birthday party, she just LOVES Easter.  What's not to love!





Anna, Cambria, & Reese



The boys had to be limited on the eggs they would find.....


Wishing for a dog.....or some type of other pet no doubt.


We don't know what we'd do without this darling bright shining girl in our family.  Her positive attitude and constant eagerness to help with Mara or help mom in anyway is so wonderful.  She is such a kind nature loving girl.  She is a great friend & such an animal lover.  She just has a nurturing soul.  I am proud to know her, and even more to be so blessed to be her mother.

Happy 8th Birthday Cambria!


erin k said...

I don't think I knew you did an Easter theme!! So cute!! Love the decorations and the cupcakes. Cambria is so beautiful. Love that girl so much!!

The Locklins said...

She is as sweet as can be. Love the whole theme and your darling girl. 8 is such a neat age. I wonder what my girls will be like at 8?

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